Last September, the “VIII INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF HISTOLOGY AND TISSUE ENGINEERING”, organized by the Spanish Society of Histology and Tissue Engineering, took place in Murcia, Spain. This biannual event has been celebrated since 1979 at the national level and since 2005, at the international level. It has also included the participation of the Ibero-American Committee of Histology since 2015. As a result, the congress gathered researchers working on this field from all over the world.

The Tissue Engineering Group of the University of Granada, Project Coordinator’s research team, largely participated in the programme of the congress as follows:

  • As part of the Scientific Committee
  • As organizer of the “Introduction to tissue engineering” course
  • As speakers of the Congress
  • As participants in oral communications and poster presentations

As part of one of their research lines, the NanoGSkin project was also disseminated in the Congress during the poster presentation as an example of collaborative and multidisciplinary project in the field of regenerative medicine. Here the reference:

Poster presentation: Session 2. Topic: Tissue Engineering. Code: 5814. EGF lipid nanoparticles for improving human skin keratinocytes proliferation. Irastorza-Lorenzo A., Chato-Astrain J., Vairo C., Villullas S., Gainza G., Herran E., Gainza E. and Alaminos M.

You can find the complete abstract in the journal “Histology and Histopathology 34 (Suppl. 1) S222”, and in the media centre of this website (link).