First year of the NanoGSkin Project

NanoGSkin project has just finished its first year timeline. This period of time has been very productive and the NanoGSkin Consortium has obtained their first preliminary results derived from combining efficient tissue engineering methods and the use of nanoparticles (NPs) for the improvement of human bioengineered skin substitutes. In this sense, a total of five work- packages have been launched.

Some of the results obtained up to now in the different WPs would be the following:

All partners have demonstrated their willingness to spread the NanoGSkin’s breakthroughs by following the Communication and Dissemination Plan. Moreover, an Exploitation road map was together designed to guarantee the proper translation of our results into the clinics, industry and the marketplace, taking into account the foreseeable Intellectual Property Rights.

As a summary, NanoGSkin project offers the opportunity to conjugate two fields, nanotechnology and regenerative medicine, to resolve two major unmet medical needs of skin grafting: the urgent need of an effective skin implant in life-threatening situations and avoid/counteract usual bacterial infections.